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Access Control

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  1. FAAC DigiKeyboard Keypad - 404005

    This is the FAAC DigiKeyboard, which allows users to open the gate by entering a 4 digit code. 4,095 combinations.

    The Linear AK-21W Weather Resistant Outdoor Digital Keypad is housed in a rugged plastic enclosure. Keys feature bright yellow graphics for ease of use. Holds up to 480 entry codes, each up to 6 digits. Mounts in a single gang box using security screws. All tools are included.
  3. Linear AK-11 Stand Alone Digital keypad With Up To 480 User Codes

    The Linear AK-11 is an outdoor digital keypad designed for keyless access control applications. This unit comes in a rugged aluminum casing that can bolt to a wall or be mounted on a pedestal. Has up to 480 programmable codes and two LED indicators to show system status.
  4. Linear AE500 Commercial Telephone Entry System

    The Linear AE-500 is for facilities with up to 250 residents or users. Housed in a locked, rugged stainless steel faced enclosure, it features a side-lit 12 key telephone style keypad with bright, easy to read graphics, a backlit two line directory display with a programmable welcome message, a built in microphone and speaker.
  5. Linear AE-100 Commercial Telephone Entry System for up to 125 Residents

    Linear AE-100 Commercial Telephone Entry System is intended as a primary access control device for commercial sites with up to 125 residents. It can be used indoors or out.
  6. FAAC 2512 Two Button Switch

    FAAC 2512 is a two button switch in painted aluminum for indoor & outdoor use. Option to surface mount unit.
  7. BFT Predator Wifi Video Intercom

    Please call for special pricing (800) 803-8093.

    Simple setup by mobile phone. Connect to the system video directly through your phone's or tablet's wifi, enter the pass code for the home hub wifi and your devices are connected. View the gate/door any time with monitoring mode! Open gates with your phone / tablet.
  8. BFT Call Box Switch

    Please call for special pricing (800) 803-8093.

    Remote device to open your gate remotely from anywhere in the world.
  9. FAAC Metal Housing 720089

    This is a FAAC metal housing for FAAC photobeam set and T10 Key Switch 785152.
  10. FAAC T10 Key Switch - 401010036

    FAAC T10 Keyswitch is for indoor or outdoor use, and key returns when released. N.O. and N.C. operation. Dimensions are 2.75" x 2.75" x 4" (depth measurement includes housing).
  11. FAAC T-10E Key Switch - 401019036

    The FAAC T-10E keyswitch has a classy, brushed alumimum look and fits into the photobeam stand. For indoor or outdoor use. Key returns to position when released.
  12. FAAC DigiCard and DigiKeyboard Plastic Housing - 720043

    The FAAC Plastic Housing for the DigiCard, DigiKeyboard, and T10 Keyswitch - part number 720043. Dimensions are 2.75" x 2.75" x 2.25".
  13. FAAC DigiCard and DigiKeyboard Metal Housing - 720037

    The FAAC Metal Housing for DigiCard Reader and DigiKeyboard, part number 720037. Painted mild steel. Measures 2.75" x 2.75" x 2.25".
  14. FAAC DS Decoder 785502

    The FAAC DS Decoder (Formerly MD01) is the "brain" behind the DigiCard and the DigiKeyboard. Code selection is set by dip switches. More than one DS Decoder may be used if multiple codes are desired.<

    The Linear AK-31 is a digital keypad meant for interior use. Up to 480 user codes are programmable with up to 6 digits each. Has a rugged plastic enclosure with aluminum keys that feature bright yellow numbers for ease of use.
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