The FAAC 746 Slide Gate Motor


The FAAC 746 Sliding gate gear motor is available in chain or rack and pinion configuration.

It has maximum anti-crushing safety by coupling the twin disk oil bath clutch with the electronic device encoder. As the gate motor is non reversing no electric locks need be installed. It has a key protected lever release device. Designed for height and side adjustable fastening. Control board protected by a housing for simplified programming via display.

Interested in this model from FAAC, give us a call toll free at 800-803-8093.

FAAC S450H Swing Gate Operator


The FAAC S450H Swing Gate Opener combines the power of Hydraulics with the versatility of a 24V installation.
Suited for Condominium / residential and light commercial applications with leafs of up to 14FT.

It has a very accurate anti-crushing and inversion on obstacles function thanks to its integrated encoder.
Easy installation thanks to its multiposition adjustable brackets, speed and force can be adjusted through the control board, Integrated opening/closing mechanical stops included.

Interested in the FAAC S450H Swing Gate Operator but have questions? Give us a shout toll-free at 800-803-8093 and we’ll be more than happy to clarify any concerns you might have :)

Wireless Handicap push button and receiver kit


This Wireless Handicap push button and receiver kit includes a digital Receiver 433 Mhz frequency with integral sequencing “learn” buttons (for vestibule applications), pulse/toggle functionality and additional hold time.

The 433 MHz Series Transmitters and Receiver are ideal for the wireless activation and/or sequencing of automatic doors. A unique rolling code is transmitted each time the transmitter is activated (thus providing a secure signal). Since receivers can be individually programmed, multiple receivers can be programmed differently thus allowing for sequencing in multiple applications. Those receivers programmed with NO DELAY will be active immediately upon receiving the transmitter signal. Those receivers programmed with a DELAY will activate at the end of their pre-determined time delay set by the potentiometer.

The push button exit features a round slim profile with a blue Handicap logo and blue “push to open” text the Plate arrives fully-assemble significantly reducing installation time it has a tamper-resistant recessed plate with beveled edges can be directly installed to any flat surface
such as a wall or mounting post, weather boot between plate and back plate for all weather applications.

You can add a second button for an entrance / exit wireless operation.

For help on what you’ll need for your security project, give us a should toll free at 800-803-8093.

FAAC 390 Swing Gate Operator


The FAAC 390 Electromechanical swing gate operator with articulating arm is for leaf gates up to 14’. It’s unique and compact design make it ideal for gates mounted on large columns.

It comes equipped with the versatile EO24U control board and offers a built in battery backup. This feature will run your operator even in prolonged power outages. The unit can be ordered with either the standard or steel articulated arms. So if your gate is too to the edge of the column or flush with the column or will have problems installing standard gate arms, this baby is just what the Gate Doctor ordered!

FAAC 402 CBC Swing Gate Operator


Here we have the FAAC 402 Hydraulic swing gate operator that can handle leaf gates with maximum width of 10’, mostly used in residential applications. This is an entry level hydraulic unit that is manufactured with the best materials and engineered by FAAC. Because of the compact design is ideal for when you are faced with tight spaces and it will perform well in harsh weather where other units of this same range of length and weight specs may fail. This may be the last gate operator that you purchase as parts and rebuild kits are readily available. So if this operator fits your criteria then we highly recommend this unit.

Need help deciding on what exactly you’ll need? Give our staff a call with any questions you might have and we’ll make the process a simple one. You can reach them toll-free at 800-803-8093.

FAAC 615 BPR Barrier Gate Operator


The FAAC 615 Hydraulic Barrier is the perfect choice for mid to light applications. It features opening and closing locks, adjustable hydraulic pressure, external key operated manual release, and built in limit switches. You have the range of boom lengths 6’,8’,10’, and 13’, So if you are looking for a high quality barrier gate like the FAAC brand offers and you have a small lot, or small gated community this operator will certainly fit the bill and not break your budget.

Interested in the FAAC 615 BPR operator? Give us a call toll-free at 800-803-8093 with any questions you might have.

FAAC 844


The FAAC 844 Slide Gate Operator comes in two versions, rack and pinion and chain driven. This is an ideal operator for commercial or industrial use that will handle a maximum weight of 4,000 lbs. It can be outfitted with two different options of pinions for either racks or chain. This operator has a magnetic limit switch, adjustable mounting brackets for easier installation, no locking devices needed, and display buttons for programming.

So if you have a a very long gate( up to 131 ft) that weighs 4,000 lbs or less, choosing this operator is a no brainer.

For help with ordering the FAAC 844 operator, give us call toll free at 800-803-8093.

The FAAC 415 Operator


The FAAC 415 Electromechanical Swing Gate Operator for a maximum leaf length of 15 ft. This is a great operator that has a Die Cast aluminum body that has been painted with two coats for a long service life. It comes with built-in limit switches, is easy to install and very durable as are all of products produced by FAAC. So if you are looking for a small operator that can be used in harsh weather conditions, this may be a very good option for you and you can add all the necessary accessories like keypads, remotes, photocells, and loop detectors with loops to complete your installation.

This unit comes equipped with the E024U board and built in battery back up.

Have a question regarding the FAAC 415 Operator? Give us a call toll-free at 800-803-8093 and we’ll be more than happy to guide you in the right direction.

The FAAC S800H Hydraulic 24V Swing Gate Operator


Let’s take a look at the FAAC S800H… So let’s say you have a highend client who just spent a lot of money on a beautiful ornamental gate, they want to install a gate operator but everything you offer them is turned down because the arm or the pad mounted operators take away from the look of their fancy gate. Well don’t despair, offer them the FAAC S800 gate operator. This is an in-ground 24VDC Hydraulic gate operator which is virtually invisible. They are available in two opening versions, the 100 Degree and 180 degree openers and can handle up to 1,760 lbs gates (each leaf). This is a quality operator which is what you can expect from any FAAC Product.

To buy a FAAC S800H Operator or another FAAC product, give us a shout toll free at 800-803-8093 and we’ll help you find the right solution for your security needs.

FAAC 400 Swing Gate Operator


The FAAC 400 Hydraulic Swing Gate Operator, this is the work horse in any environment no matter how harsh, the 400 will not let you down.

When you are standing in front of your gate and it is -10F outside and you press the transmitter and the gate opens right up you will be saying it’s praises because it’s probably December or January and you don’t have to get out to open the gate, so no matter where you are whether in Hawaii or Alaska, this operator won’t let you down.

SB 400 WILL HANDLE 1,600 LBS AT 18′ *
SB 400 WILL HANDLE 1,800 LBS AT 20′ *

* Recommended for areas with high winds. Will need to install magnetic locks to the gate.

For help with deciding on what you’ll need for you gate opener project, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-803-8093.